What is a menstrual cup?

A menstrual cup is a small flexible cup made of silicone, TPE or rubber that is folded and inserted like a tampon to collect the menstrual fluid from there.

It opens out again inside the body and creates a leak-proof seal. A slight vacuum and the pelvic floor muscles keep it fixed in position. After a period of time, but no longer than 12 hours, the cup is taken out, the contents are emptied into the toilet and the cup is then rinsed in water. The cup can then be inserted again.


A new attitude towards life!

Very many women feel restricted by their period to a lesser or greater degree in their daily life. A menstrual cup can provide great relief here and even solve the problem completely.

If several of the following apply to you, the cup could be the right choice for you:

  • Tampons feel uncomfortable and I find them difficult to insert or remove.
  • Tampons and sanitary napkins are not absorbent enough.
  • My bleeding is too little for tampons but I don’t want to use a panty liner.
  • I often suffer from vaginal infections.
  • I suffer from vaginal dryness.
  • I often wear a tampon or a sanitary napkin for too long.
  • Tampons and sanitary napkins cause an allergic reaction.
  • I don’t want to always have to think about buying supplies of tampons and sanitary napkins.
  • I don’t want to continue to burden the environment with disposable articles.
  • I find the smell of used tampons or sanitary napkins very unpleasant.
  • I would like not to have to dispose of tampons and sanitary napkins in other people’s waste bins.
  • I would like not to always have to think about my monthly hygiene during my period.


A short history of the menstrual cup

The patent for the menstrual cup was submitted in the 1930s, at the same time as that of the tampon.

  • The first tampon was launched onto the market in 1936.
  • The first rubber cup was manufactured and marketed at the end of the 1950s.
  • Both products were initially rejected by women. However the tampon did begin to gain acceptance and production of the cup was stopped for the time being.
  • Only at the end of the 1980s did the cups begin to gain recognition among women.
  • The menstrual cup has experienced a boom over the last few years. Finally the state of the art has made the production of mass-market and high-quality menstrual cups a possibility.
  • The first Merula Cups were launched onto the market in 2017. Menstrual cups that can be the right fit for every type of women.


No frustration – just choose a color!

Instead of having to struggle with the sizes on the box and then ultimately buying the wrong size, you’re spoiled for choice with the Merula Cup when it comes to the color of the cup and the design of the pouch.

„I have to set an alarm to change, otherwise I would simply forget that I had my period.“

Johanna L. (20)

„If only I had known about Merula earlier. I would have been able to save myself so much frustration, pain and money.“

Sonja R. (37)

„Bike riding, sauna, fitness center, swimming pool are all possible now without any problems, even on my heaviest days.“

Conny B. (39)

„The Merula makes it possible to last the whole school day without having to worry.“

Chiara W. (17)

„Before I had the Merula Cup, I was really restricted by my heavy period.” But now I can now conquer every day, even when I have my period!“

Lea K. (19)

„Finally I can relax when I’m horseback riding during my period, without tampons or sanitary napkins compromising my seat. You simply don’t feel anything with the Merula.“

Ksenia S. (22)

„After three natural births and extremely heavy bleeding, I’m no longer restricted in any situation, thanks to Merula! Even riding a bike for hours, as part of my job, is no longer a problem!“

Kathrin K. (34)

„Finally I can go swimming and riding during my period.“

Michaela F. (14)

„I’ve only recently started using the Merula Cup. If I had have known how uncomplicated it was, I would have switched much earlier!“

Nina R. (34)

„After four births, my period got heavier each time and I was plagued by cramps. I don’t have any cramps anymore and I feel free again.“

Janine K. (29)

„I had never been 100% satisfied with a cup until I discovered Merula.“

Sheena M. (24)

„If I didn’t have to empty the Merula, I would completely forget that I had my period. No longer any need to worry something could go wrong.“

Lorena B. (27)

„Thanks to Merula, I don’t have to look for a restroom every two hours from even the most absorbent tampons letting me down.“

Sana M. (38)

„I regularly do strength training with heavy weights. The Merula is true to its promise even here – there are never any leaks.“

Nikola L. (36)

„The Merula still fits perfectly even after three natural births. No leaks – no unpleasant feeling!“

Ramona S. (27)

„Before I had the Merula Cup, I had to get up three to four times at night on heavy days. Now I can sleep easy even on the heaviest days!“

Barbara S. (30)

„What a shame that I had to get to this age before I discovered this fantastic type of monthly hygiene article.“

Petra W. (45)

„Finally a cup that can handle my very strong pelvic floor but still can’t be felt at all.“

Alexandra M. (33)

„Before, menstruation ruled my daily life. Now I’m in charge of my life again, thanks to Merula.“

Christiane N. (28)

„I always had severe abdominal pain when I had my period. Since I have been using the Merula, I sometimes don’t even notice that I have my period.“

Carina S. (28)

„Finally, no more pain thanks to Merula! I can almost forget about my period.“

Antje G. (30)

„Thanks to the size, you don’t have to worry about changing it and you can enjoy life.“

Ingrid M. (24)