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period survey
period survey

Welcome to the Merula period survey!!

We’re asking what we all have been wanting to know.

Around 1,99 billion humans have their period every month. For most of them this is not a pleasant topic. That’s why we put a great emphasis on facilitating your period everyday-life.

This entails: an improved education of all menstruating persons and their surroundings, better communication on the topic period itself: at home, amongst friends and family and in society. This also entails to know of all the different menstrual hygiene products available and to find one’s own ideal solution. Only then the period, a topic that is unpleasant and burdening for many, can be coped with successfully.

That’s why ALL people who menstruate are warmly invited to take part in this survey with their knowledge, experiences and wishes – anonymously of course. It is our goal to gather as much information about the period day-to-day as possible. Because only then we can find out how we can collectively facilitate it step by step and create a more open-minded outlook within society. We are looking forward to your answers!

A few important notes:

  • Survey’s duration of survey: about 10-15 minutes
  • giveaway: To keep the survey anonymous you can enter your details for the giveaway at the end of the survey unattached from it.

You can find the giveaway prizes here:

Dyson Supersonicᵀᴹ
hair dryer (iron/fuchsia)

with a value of 399 €

all-in-one Merula package

with a value more than 100 €

exclusive two-colored Merula Cup

with a value of 24,99 € each

Daily Jay Cream

with a value of 169 €

set with
1 x Daily Oil mouth pulling oil
1 x essential oil

with a value of 20,90 € each

set with
2 cloth panty liners ‘Kirsi’

with a value of 21,90 € each

Merula cleaning-package

with a value of 31,47 € each

for bloodmilla.de

sustainable living-package

with a value of 22,90 € each

allrounder box of spices (6er)

with a value of 30,99 €

bestseller box of spices (4er)

with a value of 19,99 € each

Hyaluron Serum

with a value of 17,90 € each


with a value of 9,99 € each

heat scarf Carrie

with a value of 48,50 €

50€-gift card
for phyne.com

by Maisie Hill

with a value of 13,90 €

condom variation
100 condoms

with a value of 50,64 € each

‘1 month of condoms’

with a value of 19,60 € each

set with
1 x deodorant cream
1 x toothpaste

with a value of 12,98 €

20€-gift card
for merula-cup.de



with a value of 22,95 €


with a value of 80 €

drinking bottle STNLS

with a value of 36,75 €

drinking bottle roségold

with a value of 38,75 €

drinking bottle

with a value of 52,75 €

25€-gift card
for cupspot.de

set of
1 x cloth pantry liner
1 x pad

with a value of 16,80 €

introduction kit

with a value of 34,99 €

50€-gift card
for cucabylinda.com

drinking bottle
Just Breathe

with a value of 24,90 €

olive oil tasting-set

with a value of 19,50 €

aftershave balm

with a value of 33,10 €


with a value of 49,99 €

20€-gift card
for natuerlich-almo.de

Gewinnspiel Landingpage 23

25€-gift card
for 1bis3.de

10€-gift card
for merula-cup.de

Gewinnspiel Landingpage 17

for merula-cup.de

Finally, no more pain thanks to Merula! I can almost forget about my period.

Antje G. (30)